Drum Concrete Mixers

Design & Technology

Always the right solution to transport the concrete!

Depending on your requirements, we can design different loading capacity and concrete mixer variants

Standard versions:

The overall structure and construction is characterized by their robustness and durability under the toughest operating conditions, with the stiffened and extremely solid frame construction being the heart of this. The center of the gravity is extremely low and in conjunction with an optimized load distribution, it offers you increased safety at various stages of operation during filling, transport and unloading.

Light versions:

Weight reductions are significant for countries with the restrictions an axle loads, as well as in general to achieve an increase in the vehicle load capacity.
Above all, the advantages are an optimal use of resources and a reduction in the costs per cubic meter of transported concrete!
For both cases we offer you with our concrete mixer variants L (Light) and SL (Super Light) the optimal solutions, which are leading in terms of weight savings as well as in terms of durability. Increase in transport efficiency – more vehicle load capacity due to less weight!

Advantages of our lightweight concrete mixer:

  • Use of hard-wearing and particulary Hardox steel 400/500;
  • Technical design of more powerful gear unit;
  • Reinforced spiral from 5 to 6 mm Hardox steel 500;
  • Weight savings from 20% to 25%, compared to our standard version Regular (R)
  • Use of weight-optimized individual components (aluminium staircase, plastic chutes, aluminium water tank, etc.)
  • Lower costs/higher earnings per cubic meter of transport.

The most advanced Concrete Mixers now in productions:

7 m³

 EM 7 REM 7 L
Capacity nominal7 m³7 m³
Geometric volume12000 L12000 L
Volume water tank7310 L7310 L
Angle of inclination13,6°13,6°
Length6046 mm6041 mm
Width2300 mm2300 mm
Height2630 mm2628 mm
Total weight3750 kg3521 kg

8 m³

EM 8 R EM 8 L
Capacity nominal 8 m³ 8 m³
Geometric volume 13400 L 13400 L
Volume water tank 8440 L 8440 L
Angle of inclination 13,2° 13,2°
Length 6383 mm 6378 mm
Width 2300 mm 2300 mm
Height 2695 mm 2691 mm
Total weight 3935 kg 3676 kg

9 m³

EM 9 R EM 9 L EM 9 SL
Capacity nominal 9 m³ 9 m³ 9 m³
Geometric volume 15000 L 15000 L 14300 L
Volume water tank 9515 L 9515 L 9150 L
Angle of inclination 11,6° 12,3° 12,3°
Length 6785 mm 6780 mm 6785 mm
Width 2300 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm
Height 2693 mm 2693 mm 2693 mm
Total weight 4050 kg 3754 kg 3425 kg

10 m³

EM 10 R EM 10 LL
Capacity nominal 10 m³ 10 m³
Geometric volume 16500 L 16500 L
Volume water tank 10510 L 10500 L
Angle of inclination 11,3° 11,3°
Length 7080 mm 7075 mm
Width 2300 mm 2300 mm
Height 2750 mm 2748 mm
Total weight 4250 kg 3925 kg

12/15 m³

EM 12 R EM 15 R
Capacity nominal 12 m³ 15 m³
Geometric volume 19300 L 24390 L
Volume water tank 12100 L 15200 L
Angle of inclination 10,5° 9,3°
Length 7545 mm 7545 mm
Width 2300 mm 2300 mm
Height 2765 mm 2569 mm
Total weight 4450 kg 5395 kg

Self-loading Concrete Mixers:

The product is extremely compact, agile and price-worth for small concrete yield. Small vehicle enables access where spaces are restricted.
It has self-loading, weighing, mixing, transport and discharging in one, saving the cost of the loaders and the concrete mixers. At the same time, its working efficiency is much higher than the traditional concrete mixer truck.
It is relatively simple to operate. Two workers are enough to finish the whole work.
Low labor cost contributes to maximizing the profit.
Our self-loading mixers are available in sizes from 1.8 m³ to 2.5 m³.

Semi-trailer solution for high efficiency:

To increase your flexibility, our concrete mixers are ideal as articulated trailers.
A significant advantage is the interchangeable use with the low order backlog for concrete transports and thus in the immediate flexible use of the tractor unit for bulk materials such as sand, gravel, ground movements, etc.
Therefore, your utilization schedule of the tractor unit can be independent of the concrete transport. Furthermore, the very large load capacity reduces the number of required transport operations, so that the highest efficiency can be achieved.
Our articulated trailers are available in sizes from 10 m³ to 15 m³.


EM 10 R EM 12 R EM 15 R
Capacity nominal 10 m³ 12 m³ 13 m³
Geometric volume 16500 L 19300 L 24390 L
Volume water tank 10510 L 12100 L 15200 L
Angle of inclination 11,3° 10,5° 9,3°
Length 7080 mm 7545 mm 7545 mm
Width 2300 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm
Height 2750 mm 2765 mm 2569 mm
Total weight 4250 kg 4450 kg 5395 kg