Asphalt Plants

Design & Technology

Asphalt Plant designed with the most advanced technology

In our team are working engineers (specialized in desing and production) with 30 years of experience in Asphalt Plants, who worked in Bomag (Marini).
Maximum production and maximum efficiency conform to European norm.
All these plants are designed with the new technology of production, for low weight, minimum welding, maximum safety and minimum production time.

Some of Asphalt Plants designed:

Mobile Asphalt Plant:

Transfer Technology:

We will transfer to you all the know how and the shrewdness to produce the plants in your factory!
So we will supply all the drawings with material, the calculations, the specific informations, and the list of commercial components and the suppliers.
Moreover all our engineers have more than 30 years of experience in production of Asphalt Plants, and so they can train your engineers, the special steel welds, the production skills, the assembly and the testing.

So we will supply the following information:

  • Complete assembly drawings, component drawings, material standards, requirements of heat treatment and surface treatment if any
  • Process or manufacturing drawings, details and drawings of fixtures, etc
  • All design and stress/deflection (FEA) calculations for structures, and other critical components
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical circuits (supplers cable and electronic specifications)
  • Makes the specifications of all items of each commercial components necessary
  • Costing sheet
  • Operator and maintenance manual
  • All documentation will be in English

Training in your factory:

 Our engineers will provide you a training for welding, assembling, testing in your factory.

Complete testing protocol for prototype qualification:

 We have all the protocols for test and approval the plant, moreover our engineers will follow directly the test and will train your engineers.

Prototipe and small series:

 We have a plant in Italy that produce Asphalt Plants (old Marini suppliers), that we cooperate to produce some prototipe and small serie.